For Paul Kowalski landscape photography is not only a passion and a craft, it is a way to connect with the land and the bigger picture. Paul's interest for photography started when he was young, on his grandparents farm near Wagga in New South Wales. Paul would spend a lot of time there in his younger years, working with his grandfather but also learning about life, the land and pure hard work. Memories of chasing lightning at night through summer are never too far from the forefront of Paul's mind, it was the beginning of the journey.

For years and years after that point Paul would dabble in photography but it wasn't until 2003 that he became really  serious about photography and life in general. In that year Paul's life changed, a serious accident would show Paul that life is short and that he had to follow his dreams, becoming a professional landscape photographer was the dream and Paul set to work about trying to make it a reality. He spent a very influential twelve months through 2003 and 2004 with a Pentax 35mm film SLR, travelling and trying to learn as much about photography as possible.


In 2007 Paul came to a cross roads with his photography. He had been using the Pentax 35mm SLR to its full capacity by this stage and he realised then that it just wasn't going to produce the quality results that he was trying to achieve, the overall size was just too small. It was time  to take a different path, time to re-invest and change things up. Paul had his eye on the panoramic format, where a much bigger film camera produced much bigger film photographs. This format really took Paul to another place with results that were just amazing. In this year the one biggest change in his photography occured, he bought a dedicated panoramic film camera and the whole scenario of photography for him changed. The compositions that Paul could achieve with this new camera were breathtaking because they were so wide. He could achieve photographs with certain elements that he only could have dreamed of with the 35mm format. The printing size and overall quality of the product went up ten fold. The size of the overall photographs was dramatically increased, fitting eleven 35mm frames into one panoramic film photograph. It was a happy and very exciting time.

Regardless of the camera type, Paul knew that he needed to start doing longer and more dedicated trips. One of the big learnings through the last years of photography was that he needed to spend a lot of time in locations to really get a sense of a place and really understand the light in order to photograph a location at its best. This would start the wheels turning and it was in December of 2007 and January 2008 that Paul and his wife would  travel on the first of many longer and more dedicated photography trips. This first trip would see them pack up there Landcruiser and head to The Great Ocean Road and then into South Australia for a month, this was a memorable trip and one that really got Paul and his wife thinking about this kind of life.

Though travelling and taking photographs was really a fantastic thing to undertake, behind the scenes Paul had been taking part in a number of exhibitions in the local area to show people the types of photographs he was taking and the type of quality that was achievable. Amid all of this there was always thoughts of having a dedicated space set up just to showcase only Paul's work, to build an experience and really make a full time career of landscape photography. During an exhibition  at the Bungendore Wood Works in 2011 there was something that seemed to really resonate with Paul. The Bungendore township was relaxed and a great place to escape to, it had the right feel to it and seemed like the right place to set up a gallery space. Paul and his wife worked hard to even get to a stage of thinking about being able to set up a space. It was a giant leap kind of a moment.

Paul was working in the corporate sector and, on a short trip to the coast, was driving through Bungendore when he saw a vacant shop that was up for rent. Stopping on the way back gave Paul the idea that maybe this could become a reality. After weeks of decisions and speculation the dream of opening a gallery space full time started to become a reailty. Paul left his corporate job and set up a gallery that he now bases himself out of and is extremely proud of. At its very core the gallery is a space to showcase landscape photography at the highest level using the highest quality materials. From the printed media , Fujiflex, and framing to the lighting and the offerings of customer service - everything has been set up to offer the very finest in the medium, it is a real destinaiton to view Paul's photographic work and get a sense of this amazing and diverse country.

The Horizon Project is Paul's bigger picture dream, a project that allows him and his family to travel Australia every two years and take landscape photographs to bring back to his gallery and sell as fine art photographic work. The project so far has seen the team travel to Western Australia for three months in 2014 and then to the north of Australia in 2016 for four months. For the family, the experience of being able to travel long distances together to take photographs for their business has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences of their lives. The biggest benefit of this project is the time that Paul can spend finding and photographing locations, the family can travel just about anywhere. The photographic rewards have been simply outstanding. Paul has been able to photograph a plethora of locations and very special places, this really has been a life enriching project and something they will continue to undertake.


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