MYLOCALSHOP for Shops, Tourism, Accommodation, Restaurants, Services.

A great way to support Local businesses, artists & photographers while earning a passive income and increasing your online reach. Our unique system of leveraging with the local community ensures that your products and services get presented directly to those who are in the market looking for them.
It a sensible cost effective method of marketing locally, it is the community building on the community.

Bring a new life into your office!

We bring art to your environment for several reasons,
  1. Scenic, to break up monotony of the office wall.
  2. Revenue stream.
  3. Increase your online exposure.
  4. Promote Australian talent.

Corporate Workspaces.

Maximise the look and feel of the workspace. Our experts will bring into your office space a look and feel that will enhance your environment.
From artistic originals to spectacular local photos and artworks from your imediate vicinity or anywhere around Australia. Call us today for advice.


Whether you have a reception area, foyer, hallways or any high traffic area that needs a lift, we can bring to you wonderfully vibrant and specifically tailored wall coverings that express what is in your local area for tourist to engage in.


Any income that walks into your door is an asset to any business. With MYLOCALSHOP you get a passive income while combining three important factors.

Support your community

Supporting Local artists and photographers.
By becomming a member you are able to display art works from local artists and act as an outlet for their art and return a good revenue.
Improve the look and feel of your establishment
Passive income


Talks to all other clients customers


With online support we are always there to help you.


Its in your website. All your local advertising in one easy to access place.


With one push of the button your advertisment goes straight into hundreds of online stores.


Its all LOCAL!  Accommodation, tours, local products, Services, Shopping.


Latest technology makes for easy use on tablets, mobiles, laptops or pc's. 

Our Offices

Sydney:- 50 Carrington Street
Wynyard, Sydney 2000 NSW

Cairns:- 69 Davidson Street
Port Douglas 4877 QLD

New Zealand:-1240 Hinemaru Street,
Rotorua, 3010 NZ

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